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GALVALUME55® notches industry-first with PS MARK license for hot-dip metallic coated steel sheets for roofing (PNS 67:2014)

GALVALUME55® , an innovative product of the Philsteel Group, was recently awarded the first and only PS Mark in the hot-dip AL/ZN metallic coated steel for roofing category by the Department of Trade and Industry based on PNS 67:2014. The issuance of the PS Mark substantiates the premium quality of Galvalume 55 that conforms to the requirements of the Philippine National Standards, which was verified during stringent in-plant and independent product testing.

The PS Mark was recently given at the office of DTI IV-A Regional Director Marilou Q. Toledo in Calamba, Laguna.

“Steel Corporation of the Philippines is admirable for undergoing this independent product testing on GALVALUME55®. By voluntarily submitting its products for certification, they showed that the company is concerned on the quality and safety of its products. Roofing is part of the home, so it is important that these products are of the right standards in quality and safety to give assurance to our consumers”, explained DTI IV-A Regional Director Marilou Q. Toledo. “In behalf of DTI, we would like to extend our congratulations to Steel Corporation of the Philippines and the Philsteel Group of Companies for being the first to secure the Philippine Standard Quality Mark License based on PNS 67:2014” stated Director Toledo.

Under the BPS Philippine Standard (PS) Certification Scheme, a manufacturer obtains a license to use the Philippine Standard (PS) Quality and Safety Marks for its capability to consistently manufacture products in accordance with a specific Philippine National Standard (PNS) or an internationally accepted foreign standard. Conformity to standard is determined on the basis of satisfactory results of the assessment of the quality management system of the manufacturer’s production and conformance of product to requirements of specific standard.

“As the official and sole licensee of the Galvalume brand since we launched the product 20 years ago, Steelcorp has produced GALVALUME55® to conform to the highest quality international standards befitting the stringent process by BIEC International Inc. Securing the PS Mark is a testament to our decades-long commitment to offer proudly Philippine-made, global class roofing for all Filipinos. We are glad to be the first to give this assurance to Filipinos. Strict adherence to product standards in the Philippines is long overdue and should be an urgent concern for both manufacturers and customers. We express our strong support to DTI and the Bureau of Philippine Standards for implementing the product certification scheme to ensure quality and safety of products produced locally and those imported in the country,” says Philsteel Chairman and CEO Abeto A. Uy.

GALVALUME55® is the first 55% aluminum and zinc alloy coated steel sheet manufactured in the Philippines by Steel Corporation of the Philippines, which prints the actual Total Coated Thickness on the sheet allowing the consumer to know exactly the thickness of the roofing sheet they are buying.

GALVALUME55® is one of the breakthrough products from the Philsteel Group of Companies, which pioneered the introduction of roofing technologies in the Philippines using patented, cutting-edge technologies. GALVALUME55® is available at all Galvaforce Centers and leading hardware stores nationwide.

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